Our Bill of Rights protects us - our freedoms of worship, speech, and privacy.

Our right to own our own firearms. Our right to a trial by jury. Our right to be free to live our own lives – without some bureaucrat telling us what to do. 

Most countries don’t have these rights. 

The Bill of Rights protects us, the citizens, against an out-of-control power-mad government. 

That’s why the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution – the Bill of Rights – was created 230 years ago. 

And that’s why we Americans have the oldest, most successful, just, and individual-freedom-supporting Constitution in the world today. 

But do you know just how our Bill of Rights protects us? And how it has made us wealthy, successful and the world’s inspiration? Why do millions of people apply to come to the United States every year? Is it just money? Or something more: like our morals, our culture, our can-do attitude, our values?

Some people – especially Socialists and some students today – just don’t know how really important our Bill of Rights is: to you, to me and to them. Some people even want to replace our Liberty-nurturing, Free Market system with something like the Chinese Government’s one-party dictatorship – or even Cuba’s or Venezuela’s Marxist governments. The cheer for the Antifa thugs and try to shut down free speech on college campuses. 

Remember when high schools taught “Civics” classes? Well, that’s what our Bill of Rights is all about. It’s our ’10 Commandments’ of personal liberty. And it’s unique in the world. 

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Most of all – we need your help! Get involved. Start by getting your own pocket copy of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. Read it again. And then share it with a high school or college student, child or grandchild. 

Our American Values are worth saving. Let’s start with the basics. And together we can Take Back America.

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